Sophie is a Multidisciplinary Storyteller, Cultural Mediator and Swahili Geek working at the intersection of creativity and intercultural understanding.

With the mission to foster intercultural dialogue and peaceful coexistence, she loves listening to peoples’ stories and sharing them through audio-visual and immersive experiences. Her concepts seek to evoke empathy, challenge perceptions and cultivate meaningful, interhuman connections.

She believes that reminding ourselves of our shared humanity is essential to developing solutions to the most pressing challenges that we face as a global community.

Sophie holds a Bachelor’s degree in African Studies with focus on the Swahili language (Humboldt-University of Berlin), a Higher Certificate in Digital Film Production (SAE Institute, Cape Town) and is currently doing a Master’s in Global Diplomacy with focus on the Middle East and North Africa (SOAS, London).

She is a language enthusiast with fluency in German, English, French and Swahili as well as basic knowledge of the Arabic language. She has lived, worked and studied in Germany, France, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates.